Interviewing homeless people, what a rush right? When I tell most people about the project they seem to look at me in a bit of a transparent way, it’s just a completely ignored and completely unscathed subject on our local streets. When the shock wave first hit me of wanting to use my camera as a tool for social good, I asked myself “what can I do that doesn’t involve large financial contribution, yet still has an opportunity for impact”, A few days later a homeless man in Brisbane CBD asked for my finished wrapper of Nando’s, I sort of just looked at him blankly and said how come? He responded with “I just like the smell”. I smiled and handed it over and walked away, over the next few days I kept revisiting that thought in my head and essentially just asked how could I contribute to that?

I guess that is when the idea was officially born, I presented the idea to multiple shelters and homeless care facilities with the only one getting back being 3rd Space – a humble homeless hub with services ranging from food, day beds, showers, laundry, Centrelink, counselling, doctors, art classes, music sessions and all day movies. It was truly incredible first seeing it, at any given time there are at least 30 odd clients in the building, to me that was 30 incredible stories, 30 people kept off the street, and 30 people a lot safer than they would be without the club. The aim differs for everyone involved. I originally jumped on the topic for the sake of bringing exposure to some unavoidable tragic circumstances so majority of people can see that there just humans, that were put in a very unavoidable toxic situation. It has now turned into a bit of a habit, I genuinely enjoy chatting to them, not a single subject has been rude, ungrateful or uninteresting. The club is invested in the project for fundraising (please don’t hesitate to get on board there, it’s a great cause!) And the subjects are invested in just having some personal interaction, someone to talk to without judgments. You would honestly be amazed by how far conversation stretches from the initial questions – they just blatantly enjoy chatting with the knowledge that its helping the cause.

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