3rd Space Brisbane is a drop-in centre where homeless people find practical support, friendship and dignity. Located in Fortitude Valley, 3rd Space (formerly 139 Club) helps hundreds of people every year – assisting some with simple things such as a shower or a meal and a cup of tea, others with a program of support for more complex needs. We help to find accommodation and work; manage addictions and emotional challenges; and get the right health and dental services.

It’s all about forming relationships, building trust and providing hope. We have many beautiful stories where a homeless person has come to us with no home, no friends and no hope. By providing practical help – a safe bed to sleep in during the day, a laundry, a mailbox, a low-cost healthy meal – as well as social support – a place to play pool, try some art or music or watch TV – we have seen people in the depths of despair learn to smile and laugh again.

Every person who comes to the centre has their own set of needs and their own story to tell. Not every story will have a happy ending but every visitor to 3rd Space will find a place of safety and relief. If they want, they will also find a listening ear and help to find extra support.

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